Cassie As the Stature in Avengers 4

The movie Ant-Man was very successful and apparently, a lot of fans loved it. Today, we get to see the second installment of the movie. This time around, the movie Ant-Man & the Wasp shows that Scott Lang is now in partnership with Hope van Dyne. In addition, the movie is starting to reveal new ideas of the future of the tiny size superheroes which involves Cassie Lang who will become Stature in the comic books of Marvel. Through the bond of Scott and his beautiful daughter, there is a factor that will lead to some expansion of Ant-Man movies especially having emotional attachment. And the second installments of the movie works to give life to the plans of making Stature coming to the big screen. With Cassie having a great respect for Scott, she shows very sincere and sweet towards her father. While Scott marriage’s failed, it is also the first time that his relationship with his daughter goes stronger. In fact, it is the first movie he thought he could never go back but when he thought about his daughter, he was able to quickly fix his tech and pull out himself out of the microverse.

If you are Marvel Comic fans, you already know that Cassie is not just a simple sweet kid. In the year 2006 Cassandra Lang started as a superhero called Stature which is one of the members of the Young Avengers. She possesses the same technology like her father, which signifies that she is able to control her size with Pym particles. While the Ant-Man and the Wasp was being shoot, there was some commotion in the studio that Cassie would have come for her role in the future as Stature and not just some ordinary sweet girl.

One of the indications that Cassie would be part of the bigger calling as a superhero in the future is the idea that she loves to be a superhero like her dad. When Cassie heard that her dad will have a partner, she thinks that she will be her dad’s partner. Of course, the partnership goes to Hope van Dyne also known as the Wasp. We understand that she is just too young to do the job; nonetheless her great desire to help people who are in trouble would make her determine to become a superhero one day.

In the end of the movie we can see Scott, Hope and Cassie watching a movie at the drive-in, Cassie talks about her desire to come a super hero one day. I think that her dad Scott really influenced her and she likes him to continue the heroic deeds with the use of the Ant-Man suit. She was also seen smiling while she was observing the Giant Man on the TV screen feature in the news. Cassie Lang who has plenty of time in the movie along with her dad is just a preparation for her character to take the mantle of a superhero.

Avengers 4 movie is coming and guess what, we will be seeing Cassie but in older version as 16 years old played by Emma Fuhrmann. Of course, this does not imply that Stature will be in the ensemble film. In the credits scene Scott was shown being trapped in the Quantum Realm while Hope, Hank and Janet van Dyne disappeared into nothingness by Thanos. The Avengers 4 art reveals Ant-man would be part of the team, nonetheless we have no idea how long he will be trapped in the Quantum Realm. There is also a great chance that there will time jump among Infinity War and Avengers 4, which will reveal Cassie to be involve in that time jump of the installment whether from Avengers or Ant-Man.


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